We are Thailand’s largest piano rental service provider for over 15 years offering a dedicated service to foreigners living in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Our distinguished clients value the level of integrity, commitment to service, and superior quality products that we offer.
  • Monthly rental service for grade AAA pianos in 99% condition to Thai and foreign customers for musical
  • We will repair or replace broken pianos free of charge for your peace of mind to completely eliminate any maintenance issues.
  • Grade AAA pianos for rent at a single price 100% quality guaranteed with free service.
  • Clients will receive the deposit 100% back in full upon return of the piano without any hidden costs deducted for wear and tear.
  • Why buy a piano when the kids have only begun to play? To rent a piano… call us today.

Grade AAA piano rental service in 99% condition with many models and brands to choose from.